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by: Nick

5 of the Best Day Hikes in Oregon

Check out this post for a list of just 5 of the best day hikes in Oregon and start planning...
by: Nick

Handy Packing List for Day Hikes

Our handy packing list for day hikes will give you a great baseline of supplies you need to have a...
by: Nick

A Historic Look at the Appalachian Trail

Have you ever wondered what possesses people to take on the Appalachian Trail? This video post will teach you a...
by: Nick

Enjoy These 5 Hikes on Your Visit to Vermont

Vermont is one of the natural jewels in the American crown, and there are plenty of places to enjoy it...
by: Nick

5 Sizzling Day Hikes of Arizona

If you live in or are visiting Arizona and want to get some hikes in, here are a few options...
by: Nick

Lake Tahoe: Jewel of the American Southwest

Check out this amazing aerial drone footage of Lake Tahoe, the jewel of the American southwest, and start planning your...
by: Nick

How to Use Trekking Poles for More Than Hiking

Trekking poles can be useful for more than just balancing yourself or your load on a trail! Discover some additional...
by: Nick

Don’t Go on an Outdoor Adventure Without These Items

Heading into the wilderness without preparation and adequate supplies can lead to real trouble on the trail -- always make...
by: Nick

Enjoy Nevada’s Diverse Range of Outdoor Activities!

Forget about gambling and drinking all night -- Nevada has more nature than you can shake a pair of dice...
by: Nick

Simple Ways to Avoid Getting Hurt in the Outdoors

While accidents can always happen, you can very simply avoid getting hurt in the outdoors by following the simple tips...
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