Kayak Buying Guide

Owning your own inflatable kayak opens the door to adventure and enhances the range of activities and locations to explore. Modern inflatable kayak designs allow for every activity that rigid/hard-shell kayaks offer, from novice to expert level. Portability, storage, stability and safety are the key advantages for inflatable kayaks.

Advantages of Inflatable Kayaks

Types of Inflatable Kayaks

Recreational Kayaks

Recreational Kayaks are the most popular kind of inflatable kayak. They are generally classed upon not specializing in a particular kind of aquatic environment or activity. Recreational kayaks are designed for stability, ease of use and tracking (maintaining a relatively straight course). They typically have a more open cockpit allow for easier entry and exit. This class of kayaks perform well in a range of calm waters from lakes to rivers to inshore fun. Recreational kayaks are great for casual, family fun in safe and tranquil environments. They are also often the most cost-effective type of inflatable kayak.

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Touring Kayaks

Physically, Inflatable Touring Kayaks are longer in length when compared to Recreational and most other models of kayaks. They are designed to track very well and cover longer distances thanks to a more defined keel design. Speed is typically another characteristic for touring models. Turning radius will be less when compared to shorter models and those that are designed for agility and quicker response time. Touring Kayaks will often offer more storage space allowing for more distant and multi-day adventures and appropriate for calmer waters.

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Whitewater Kayaks

Inflatable Whitewater Kayaks alternatively are typically the shortest in length and designed for activities such as rapids, drops and freestyling. They are more responsive with shorter turning radiuses and typically constructed with more durable materials designed to withstand a beating. Higher rockers on both bow and stern improve performance in rougher waters. Inflatable Whitewater Kayaks also typically feature self-bailers which will drain the kayak of excess water. Whitewater kayaking is not recommended for novice kayakers. Experience and training is highly recommended before venturing out into the rapids or any other condition that you have not already kayaked in. Please see individual brands and models for more information.

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Angling Kayaks

Stability, storage, gear, and paddle holders are the name of the game for Inflatable Angling Kayaks. Angling kayaks typically have a wider beam adding to the stability of the already inherent nature of most inflatable kayaks. Additionally, many angling kayaks have a firmer drop-stitch flooring allowing the sportsman to stand up while landing their catch. Some Inflatable Angling Kayaks allow for multiple mounting solutions for gear including electronics and propulsion.

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Crossover Kayaks

Crossover Inflatable Kayaks offer features for a wide variety of activities, though are less refined than kayaks designed for specific activities. Whether you are an expert waterman or a relative novice, you may want to be able to get a taste of different conditions such as flat and rougher waters or perhaps bringing a fishing rod while touring the mangroves. A Crossover Inflatable Kayak may be worth your time.

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