5 Remote Outdoor Locations to Visit in North America

5 Remote Outdoor Locations to Visit in North America

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Remote locations offer a way for you to get in tune with the outdoors in a more intense way than heading to your local park can. Secluded areas, where few people live or venture, can make a person feel like they are one with the wilderness. Although these areas can sometimes be difficult to reach, the unsurpassed scenery and tranquil peace often make them well worth visiting. Here are just 5 remote outdoor locations you can travel to in North America.

1. Southeastern Oregon

Oregon Remote locations
Photo from Eric Muhr/Unsplash

One of the most fascinating remote outdoor locations in North America is the high desert region in southeastern Oregon. Only small, infrequent towns sprinkle the area. Technically, most of the land in this 26,000 square mile area is actually steppe land, except for the Alvord Desert in the South. The region boasts a wide range of flora and fauna. Acres of grasslands and scrub give the area its majestic, stark beauty. Sightings of animals such as deer, foxes, elk, rabbits, coyotes and mountain lions are common. Finally, this area is ideal for those who enjoy hiking, wildlife viewing and camping.

2. Barren Lands, Canada

Another beautiful, secluded outdoor location is the Barren Lands in Canada. The Barren Lands are a stretch of tundra in the far Northern part of the country. This region has an austere beauty. Because of the cold, only small plants grow. However, these plants have beautiful color, and support a wide range of amazing animals, including seals, reindeer and many types of sea birds. This region, which is about 500,000 square miles, is the largest stretch of untouched wilderness in North America.

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3. Hinsdale County, Colorado

Hinsdale County in southeast Colorado is a remote area that should not be overlooked. This area has the fewest roads in the United States and only boasts about 850 residents. The mountainous region is just over 1,100 square miles. With four national wilderness areas and four national forests, the area is perfect for those who enjoy camping or hiking.

4. Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

One of the most breathtaking remote areas of North America is Guadalupe Mountains National Park in southwestern Texas. This region is filled with mountains, forests, deserts, streams, and caves. The varied scenery gives the area an incomparable beauty. The entire area has about two people per square mile, giving it one of the lowest population densities in the United States.

5. North Slope, Alaska

The North Slope of Alaska is a chilly, but outstanding remote location. Campers or hikers can go for days here without seeing another human soul — which you’d better be prepared for if you’re visiting this place. The area is covered in snowy mountains and tundra, and it is not unusual to spot many types of wildlife, including seals and migratory birds.

Featured Image from Jeff Finley/Unsplash