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by: Nick

3 Easy Methods for Water Purification

Water purification isn't a difficult survival skill to learn, but it could be the most important information you remember when...
by: Nick

Simple Outdoor Cooking with the Swedish Fire Torch

If the thought of making a campfire is overwhelming to you, check out this video demonstration of a Swedish fire...
by: Nick

A Guide to Hiking Yosemite’s Half Dome

Millions of people visit Yosemite National Park annually, but only the most prepared see the top of Half Dome! This...
by: Nick

Easy DIY Charcoal Water Filter

This easy DIY charcoal water filter tutorial will help you gain access to filtered water using nothing more than natural...
by: Nick

The New Zealand Great Walks: Lake Waikaremoana

The New Zealand Great Walks are a collection of the island's most beautiful backcountry's 1 of 9!
by: Nick

The Skinny on the Stand Up Paddle Board

Get your exercise, soak up the sun, and become a master of balance with a stand up paddle board this...
by: Nick

Most Endangered: 5 Wild Cat Species on the Brink

Wild cats are some of nature's most cunning predators, but they too face insurmountable threats. Here are 5 species that...
by: Nick

Most Endangered: 5 Canines on the Brink

Endangered species aren't always that exotic -- here are 5 species that have unfortunately landed an entry on the most...
by: Nick

5 Remote Outdoor Locations to Visit in North America

If a crowded campground isn't exactly how you envision your communion with nature, try one of these 5 very remote...
by: Nick

Inspiring Examples of Guerrilla Art from Around the World

When we view the world around us, we don't always see things for what they are. Guerrilla art is just...
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