Aquaglide  Lakefront Mini Park 6
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Aquaglide Lakefront Mini Park 6


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Key Features

  • Velocity Slide: Heart-pounding ten-foot drop
  • Velocity Slide: Built to last with Duratex
  • Revel Lounge: Material resistant to UV rays
  • Revel Lounge: Includes a protective shade canopy
  • Spire: Soaring climb experience
  • Half Deck: Robust drop-stitch build
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About Aquaglide Lakefront Mini Park 6

- Aquaglide Velocity Slide 10.0 -

Thrilling Adventures Await
A towering testament to aquatic thrill-seekers. This inflatable water slide is not just an attraction, it's an experience, featuring a challenging ladder-style climbing wall that culminates in a breathtaking ten-foot-high drop-zone. The Velocity Slide for Lakes offers more than just thrills; its interior mesh floor provides a cool, shaded spot for relaxation or play between slides.

Unmatched Durability and Versatility
Constructed with resilient Duratex material and reinforced with three-layer seams, the Slide 10.0 promises maximum velocity with enduring quality for years of excitement. Perfect as a standalone waterpark accessory or integrated into an residential park, the Velocity 10.0 offers flexibility and fun for all.
This product can only be shipped to U.S. addresses.

- Aquaglide Revel 6 Person Lounge -

Elevate Your Water Experience
Crafted for supreme relaxation and social gatherings, this luxurious inflatable island offers tatami-style seating around a family-friendly table, perfect for games and entertainment. Enhanced with inflatable backrests and mesh-bottom footwell, it ensures comfort for you and your guests. The cooler cutouts are designed to keep your refreshments within reach, making it an ideal choice for any water raft party.

Unmatched Quality and Durability
Constructed with Welded Drop-stitch technology, the Revel Lounge boasts a robust 15cm welded drop-stitch construction, reinforced with 3-layer seams for unparalleled durability. The Tubular welded structural tube and Duratex Cx3 premium commercial-grade material ensure your lounge withstands the test of time, maintaining its integrity and appeal. The Tritex material adds an extra layer of grip and cooling, making your lake lounge experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Innovative Design for Ultimate Comfort
The Revel Lounge is not just another large inflatable lounge; it's a masterpiece of design, featuring Interlock 7 secure connections and Halkey-Roberts valves for quick inflation. The added shade canopy provides a cool retreat from the sun, making it your go-to party island float. Whether used as a standalone accessory or integrated into an Aquaglide park layout, it offers unmatched versatility and fun.

- Aquaglide Spire 6.8 -

Elevate Your Water Fun
A towering beacon of excitement reaching nearly seven feet into the sky. This inflatable climbing tower is not just an activity; it's a multifaceted adventure hub that promises endless splashing, climbing, and leaping joy. Designed with fully welded, reinforced Duratex construction and three-layer seams, the Spire 6.8 is built to withstand years of vigorous play.

Designed for Stability and Creative Play
The Spire 6.8's climbing walls ingeniously angle inward, enhancing stability and safety for climbers. At its core, a soaker mesh floor invites participants into an imaginative splash zone, perfect for cooling off after a thrilling climb. Whether used as a magnificent standalone waterpark accessory or connected to other Aquaglide waterpark accessories, the Spire 6.8 is versatile, offering boundless entertainment from all four sides.

- Aquaglide Half Deck 7.5 -

Premium Inflatable Platform
A versatile and durable water lounge designed for your water entertainment needs. Crafted from high-quality, fully-welded 10cm drop-stitch material, this inflatable water platform serves as a superior alternative to traditional foam mats that often irritate sensitive skin and compromise on durability. With its rigid drop-stitch construction, the Half Deck 7.5 offers an inflatable solution that rivals solid platforms in stability and longevity, standing out as the best water mat for sensitive skin.

Multi-Functional Water Accessory
The Half Deck 7.5 is not just an ordinary float; it's an all-in-one solution for aquatic fun. Whether you're looking for a comfortable sunbathing spot, a stable boarding platform, or an exciting walkway and slideway, this product seamlessly connects to any residential waterpark feature, enhancing your water experience. Its rigidity makes it easy to board from the water, transforming it into an inflatable walkway that amplifies your play area and adds a touch of luxury to your aquatic adventures.

Technical Excellence and Safety Commitment
When it comes to performance, the Half Deck 7.5 delivers exceptionally, requiring just 3.5 - 5psi to achieve optimal functionality. The Hurricane 110V 3.6 Pump or any Aquaglide kayak or SUP pump with a Halkey Roberts type valve for inflation to perfection. Commitment to safety is unwavering; the design of aquapark components prioritizes your well-being, ensuring that all connection points and configurations offer the utmost security and enjoyment. Emphasize the exclusive use of Aquaglide products to guarantee safety and manufacturer support, highlighting dedication to providing a premium and secure experience.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.


Aquaglide Lakefront Mini Park 6 Features

  • Velocity Slide 10.0
  • Ten-foot-high drop for ultimate thrill
  • Ladder-style climb for added challenge
  • Shaded interior mesh floor for rest
  • Durable Duratex construction
  • Three-layer seams for longevity
  • Connectable on three sides
  • Ideal for standalone or park integration
  • Requires minimal psi for optimal function
  • Safety prioritized in design
  • Compatible with various boarding platforms
  • Revel 6 Person Lounge
  • Tatami-style seating ensures comfortable lounging
  • Inflatable backrests enhance prolonged comfort
  • Mesh-bottom footwell keeps you cool
  • Cooler cutouts offer easy beverage access
  • Canopy top cover provides necessary shade
  • 6-Person Capacity for group gatherings
  • Welded drop-stitch construction ensures durability
  • Duratex Cx3 material is premium and UV-resistant
  • Interlock 7 connections offer secure attachment
  • Halkey-Roberts valves enable quick inflation
  • Spire 6.8
  • Nearly 7 feet of vertical fun
  • Inward-angling walls for safe climbing
  • Interior soaker mesh floor splash zone
  • Durable Duratex construction
  • Three-layer seam reinforcement
  • Connects on all four sides
  • Standalone or integrated use
  • Requires minimal psi for function
  • Compatible with various boarding platforms
  • Prioritizes safety and enjoyment
  • Half Deck 7.5
  • Superior comfort with skin-friendly surface
  • Enhanced stability becomes rigid when inflated
  • Multi-use design for platform, walkway, slideway
  • Durable material with welded 10cm drop-stitch
  • Easy boarding for effortless water access
  • Aquapark compatibility connects to all Aquaglide features
  • Safety first with thoughtfully designed components
  • Optimal performance at 3.5 to 5psi
  • Versatile inflation works with multiple pumps
  • Exclusive use best with Aquaglide products

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