Customer Q&A

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What is Customer Q&A?

Customer Questions & Answers allows you to ask a question about a product from people who bought the product. Or you can answer a question for other customers based on your expertise owning the product, In addition our salespeople will also answer some of the questions.

TurnTo QA Example

What should you ask?

Any question specific to the product, Like:

What to ask / answer

In addition of asking question regarding the product You can also ask customer service questions. Like:

But these questions will be answered by our Customer Service rep not by other customers. Note: We reserve the right to remove question / answers

How Do I Ask a Question?

On a product page go to "ASK a Question" and follow prompts

Its good to first read previous Q&A's to see if your question was already answered

TurnTo QA Initiate Question Screenshot

How to answer a question?

When a customer ask a question an email is sent to previous purchasers of these items, A link in the email will direct you to answer the question. Additionally you can answer a question in the Q&A portal underneath the last answer.