Get Wild at Lake Clark National Park and Preserve

Get Wild at Lake Clark National Park and Preserve

January 30, 2015256Views

lake clark national parkLake Clark National Park and Preserve is the ultimate destination for experiencing Alaska’s wilderness. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the river and mountain while watching volcanoes blow steam, bears roaming in the wild, and salmon running in the streams. Here are just a few activities for everyone in the family to enjoy at this incredible national park.


From May through October visitors will love the excellent fishing opportunities at Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. Choosing Crescent Lake or Silver Salmon Creek will offer a variety of fish including lake trout, rainbow trout, northern pike, salmon and several others. While fishing, brown bears may make an appearance making this a true wilderness experience.

Kayaking, Canoeing, and Rafting

Spending time on the water is another way to enjoy the Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. While most access to the park is by plane, planning a water adventure will require extra preparation. Local rentals and guided tours are usually the best option. Rafting is another exciting way to experience the rivers throughout the park. Safety is always a priority whenever spending time on the water.  Alaskan rivers are extremely cold even if the air is warm. Following safety rules and requirements is a must for an enjoyable experience.

Camping and Backpacking

lake clark national parkFamily friendly events include camping at one of the many destinations throughout Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. Preparing for the trip will take some extra time to ensure everyone is safe and the trip is enjoyable. All camping is primitive with no facilities or designated camp areas. Remember to follow the Leave No Trace guidelines and although there are no permits required, rules must be followed. Traveling through the undeveloped wilderness will offer solitude and confidence while using a map to navigate throughout the terrain.

Bear Watching

Watching bears can be one of the best experiences in Alaska. They can be found around Chinitna Bay, Crescent Lake, Silver Salmon Creek, Shelter Creek and Tuxedni Bay. It is usually best to schedule a guided tour with a commercial outfitter that specializes in bear viewing to ensure everyone stays safe and enjoys the experience.

Check out this sneak preview of Lake Clark National Park and Preserve to get an idea of all that awaits you at this amazing Alaskan park!

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