Don’t Go on an Outdoor Adventure Without These Items

Don’t Go on an Outdoor Adventure Without These Items

People often find themselves in distressing and even life-threatening situations when all they intended to do was take a walk through the woods or ride a bike through a desert canyon. Here are a few suggestions for items you can find at SunnySports that will help you through situations that call for survival thinking.


A means to start a fire is going to be one of the most valuable items in your day pack. Go with one that is actually designed to start a fire in various weather conditions, not just a lighter or matches. There are plenty of these tools on the market, and are incredibly affordable. Try these wet fire tinder cubes for a fire that will endure even the heaviest of downpours.

Emergency Blanket

If you become stranded overnight, or happen to get soaked, you’re going to need some insulation to keep your body heat where it belongs. Emergency blankets are extremely effective at achieving this, and lightweight enough to be hardly noticeable in a day pack. Plus, an emergency blanket can be used to create shelter from the elements. Purchase one big enough for two and you’ll be sure to have ample coverage.


A good knife is going to come in handy in numerous ways. If you truly are in an emergency situation, the likelihood of needing to cut kindling, clothing, or other materials will be higher than usual.

First Aid Kit

The outdoors are brimming with opportunities for injury, from scrapes and bites to more serious injuries like deep cuts or fractures. Being prepared for injury could very well mean the difference between damage control and real crisis. Many first aid kits come in soft compact cases, which means less bulk and weight when it’s in your day pack.

Food and Water

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This one seems like a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how many people do not even take so much as a water bottle on a nice sunny day hike. Dehydration is the last problem you want to deal with on top of being lost or stranded, so never forget to pack a water bottle, preferably 20 ounces or larger. As far as the food that you want to carry, make sure it is non-perishable, and packed with protein. Jerky, trail mix, and high-calorie energy bars are all great choices for emergency and survival situations.

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