5 Largest Animals of Africa

5 Largest Animals of Africa

January 31, 20152463Views

Africa is known for its diverse animal life and is home to some of the largest animals in the world. These creatures are beautiful to behold, and their impact on the planet is even larger than their footprints. Let’s take a look at the five largest animals of Africa.

African Elephant

largest animals of africa
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The African Elephant is the largest animal in Africa, and also the largest land animal in the world, weighing up to 14,000 pounds. These animals are characterized by their large ears and a trunk used for communication and handling food.


White Rhino

largest animals of africa
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The white rhinoceros is the largest existing species of rhinoceros in the world, and the second largest of all the animals of Africa. It is a social creature found in grasslands and savannas. They weigh around 5000 pounds and maintain their size by grazing on short grains of grass with their distinctly broad mouths.



largest animals of africa
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The third largest animal in Africa is the hippo. Despite its existence as a land animal, the hippopotamus is actually most closely related to whales. These animals are herbivorous with torsos shaped like barrels and large hairless bodies. Hippos are also considered to be among the most dangerous animals in Africa due to their wildly unpredictable behavior and aggressive tendencies.



largest animals of africa
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The tallest animal in Africa is the giraffe, averaging a height of just over 17 ft. Their necks alone can account for about six to seven feet of their height. They mainly eat acacia leaves, being among only a few animals who can reach them. Although they spend time in groups, giraffes do not generally participate in social bonding, as individuals come and go from these groups as frequently as every few hours.


African Buffalo

largest animals of africa
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The African buffalo, like the hippopotamus, exhibits unpredictable behaviors and is therefore dangerous to humans. These large animals have robust builds and uniquely-shaped horns, and they weigh around 900-2000 pounds. They prefer to live in swampy areas with dense cover and are known for being successful grazers. Though they can be hunted by lions, the African buffalo are relatively good at defending themselves when attacked.

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