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Eureka Solitaire 1-Person Tent

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Eureka : Picture 1 regular

About Eureka Solitaire 1-Person Tent

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Better than expected

By Levi

Spacious enough to fit me ( 5'11" @ 200lbs), all my gear, my backpack, and my 65lbs black lab. The material seems to be of quality but I would recommend a 6 by 8 tarp underneath it. Condensation has been an issue on two of my trips but in a tent this small it's sort if the nature of the beast. It's small, that's a fact, but thats what I bought, and I can hardly complain considering it fits everything I need it to.


Great Tent for price!!!

By Marty R.

Got here Lightening fast, earlier than expected. Short,simple, and SWEET!!! Thanks

Eureka Solitaire 1-Person Tent
The Eureka Solitaire 1-Person Tent is ideal for solo sleepers. It is an extremely lightweight 3-season solo tent with an efficient tunnel design and a sturdy fiberglass shock-corded frame. Eureka has updated and improved its lightest and most compact solo tent, it features pole pockets on one end and ring and pin assembly on the other. It also features an added zipper in the center of the roof cloth for easy entry/exit. Eureka Solitaire 1-Person Tent is ideal for anyone who's a little too claustrophobic but doesn't want the burden of a full-blown tent when hiking alone.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.


Eureka Solitaire 1-Person Tent Features

  • Sleeps 1
  • Seasons: 3
  • 2 hoop bivy-style tent
  • Durable 6.3mm. fiberglass frame
  • Pole pockets
  • ring and pin
  • Nylon pole sleeves
  • 3 storm guyouts on fly
  • 2 storage pockets
  • 1 flashlight loop
  • Zipper in roof cloth
  • Poles: 2 (hoops)
  • Doors: 1
  • Windows: Full panel mesh
  • Fly included
  • Interior size: 96 in. x 32 in. x 28 in.
  • Peak height: 28 in.
  • Fly fabric: 70D nylon taffeta 1200 mm.
  • Canopy fabric: 40D no-see-um mesh
  • Floor fabric: 70D nylon taffeta 1200 mm.
  • Pack weight: 2 lbs. 10 oz.

Eureka Solitaire 1-Person Tent Customer Reviews

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Most Liked Positive Review


Better than expected

Spacious enough to fit me ( 5'11" @ 200lbs), all my gear, my backpack, and my 65lbs black lab. The material seems to be of quality but I would recommend a 6 by 8 tarp underneath it. Condensation has been an issue on two of my trips but in a tent this small it's sort if the nature of the beast. It's small, that's a fact, but thats what I bought, and I can hardly complain considering it fits everything I need it to.


Most Liked Negative Review


Well, it kind of worked

This product was a living nightmare. The only thing it managed to do was keep me and other members of our team alive. From the Fiber-glass poles breaking to the fact this thing leaks, I will not be buying anymore of these tents.

Reviewed by 28 customers


great backpack tent

By pamdunn

keep in mind this is REALLY a 1 person tent. My dog couldn't even fit in it with ne. Sturdy and the lightest tent I found.


Smaller poles defective

By KZRider

I plan to use for motorcycle trip. lightweight is good. Only bad thing so far is I set it up in the yard to practice and the smaller set of poles cracked and snapped off all on there own( i never entered the tent once. The fiberglass is way to inferior to perform as it should. Must not be adequate for wind.



By mike b.

Awesome tent. I am in BSA and it is a great backpacking/hiking tent that is tough,sturdy,and lightweight.


Great Tent

By Rod U.

Sets up easy, pack size is small great for backpacking and saving on weight


Excellent Tent

By Justin

I have used this tent a couple of times and it has been a breeze both times. Tent is very compact and lightweight. I was able to get it set up in about 2 1/2 minutes the second time around. Very solid construction and it offers quite a bit of room for such a small tent. I was able to put my 65 liter pack at my feet for the night without any issues.


Great Tent for price!!!

By Marty R.

Got here Lightening fast, earlier than expected. Short,simple, and SWEET!!! Thanks


Quality tent for great price

By Austin

Great tent! The only problem is that it's hard to get the poles into the pin and ring system because there is very high tension on the poles once it is fully set up. But that just contributes to the sturdiness of the tent. It's fairly small but what do you expect for a one-man 3 lbs. tent. While laying down there is still about 6 inches to a foot of extra space at your feet. since it's a little taller than a bivy you can't get on your knees so if u wanna change your clothes inside the tent, which is absolutely possible and a plus, you have to do it while laying flat or on your elbows. all around is a great tent, sets up easily and has a great view of the stars if you leave the rain fly off which i recommend.


Eureka Solitaire 1-person tent

By Bart

I needed a 1-person tent to carry on my quad. [...] I'm 6'2" and I fit in this tent.


to flimsy to be useful

By Gary P.

I was unable to use this tent because the fiberglass poles are defective. I set it up in my backyard and when I returned the next morning the smaller pole was broken.


proper use of assembly

By double 7.

My first setup wasn't that great. the poles broke. sent back to the outfitter and they replaced the poles. set the tent up again and found out why they broke. The first time I set it up I didn't seperate the gathering,meaning I had to struggle to put the pin in the rod at assembly. When I set it up the second time I spread the material in the section where the rods went thru. This made it easy for me to insert the pin at the end of the rod. Works beautiful everytime. Great tent if you assemble it properly. Maybe this information should be inserted in the instructions.


Excellent solo tent.

By Max H.

Excellent tent for backpacking.With this tent solo means just that.Not alot of room for storing gear inside.The first thing I did after the inital setup was to tape the fiberglass poles to help prevent them from splintering. Keeping the fly rolled in good weather is great for stargazing.This tent kept me dry during a 12 hour down pour while out on a 15 day hike in Northern Maine. Best of all, This is a GREAT TENT for the price.


Great summer tent

By Camper c.

I have used this tent in very different climates/weather conditions & soil types. First the setup is a bit funky. You have to ensure the pole is not snagged in the sleeve otherwise the tension is too high to safely insert the pole into the pin. The poles should be tense, but not so tight that you get close to snapping it. Rather you should be able to gently coax the pole into the pin. Second, this is not a freestanding tent. Once both poles are in place and you have the 2 hoops, you have to peg the front & back ends to "erect" the tent upright. So having the pegs stay in place is crucial for proper pitching of this tent. I would hesitate taking this tent where the soil is rocky. This is ideal for the eastern half of the US, but not for places like Utah, Arizona or even parts of California, i.e. Death Valley, Joshua Tree. But in warm climates where it won't rain, keep the fly rolled up & enjoy the stars. It also allows you easier ingress & egress using the roof zipper which is a whole lot easier than the main entrance. I did not feel claustrophobic, but there's not much room inside. You can't stow your pack, there's only enough space for your clothes & shoes. Even on level ground, my feet kept hitting the bottom end of the tent (I'm 5'11) & with the condensation my sleeping bag by my feet got wet. Also if you're not careful getting up you will hit the roof and your bag will get wet from the condensation. It's almost impossible to change clothes unless you lie down and slip your leg one at a time into your pants sideways. But it did keep me dry through day & night rain at Yellowstone and kept me cool in the heat of the bottom of the Canyon at the Grand Canyon. All in all it's a super light tent- less than most sleeping bags. But I will bring a different tent during rain season or for trips during the spring or fall. It's a good summer backpacking tent in dry climates.


Great tent!

By Eric

I received this tent a few days before going on my first weekend trip of the year. I set it up in the yard to get the hang of setting it up. The set up is easy and quick to memorize, there is really nothing too it. That weekend we experienced some unusual changes in weather. The first night was cool and dry, so I slept with the fly off and the breeze was perfect! I enjoy that they chose to make the majority of the upper part out of the mesh. The second night we had bad storms and with the fly on and the tent guyed out, there was no water in my tent the next morning and there was never a time it felt unstable. All in all this is my go to tent. Luckily I am a little smaller, so I can fit in there with my gear that needs protecting, otherwise my things can just sit outside.



By Chromwulf

There is room enough for a close couple or lots of gear, once I set it up I was surprised at how wide it is yet it packs up smaller than a sleeping pad! Amazing tent, I highly recommend it.


Not a light solo tent

By light b.

Excelent Delivery. Good Condition as usual, customer service was great!!!


Questions & Answers

Questions about this item:

Shopper  Why Did You Choose This?
Daniel C  affordable weighs 2 pounds 2 ounces
R S  used a borrowed solitare in Idaho sawtooths, need for light weight option on section hiking at
Keith D  Best price I have ever seen on this product.
Matthew M  While looking at tents on Ebay, I saw an advertisement for this item in my browser. I ended up loosing the bid and bought the same item at Sunny Sports.
Shopper  Why did you choose this model, over the Eureka Spitfire Solo?
JENNIFER J  Actually, I think I will purchase the Spitfire for my next bike tour. The Solitaire poles have snapped and it feels like a coffin; absolutely no room to sit up. Also, the entry door design makes it difficult to get in when the rain fly is unrolled. I think at the time I purchased it, I did not research very thoroughly and it was the least expensive lightweight model I could find. Hope this helps.
JAY H  Price was one reason. I got it on sale. The other was I really like the zip open roof. Un-zip it and you can stand up and make your exit (only if the rain fly is off of course). The tent has held up well for such a light weight tent. If you are a taller person or have more gear, you may be better off with the Spitfire model, as it is a foot longer and only a few oz heavier. Good luck with your choice. I have alway had good luck with the Eureka brand.
JEREMY R  I prefer the available option of the zipper fly on top of the solitaire. It makes getting in and out of tent much easier for a 6'1" guy.
MIKE N  I bought it because it was cheaper. You get what u pay for the solitaire broke the first use!
CEDRIC C  I chose the Eureka solo because it is light and affordable. I needed a light tent to do a eight days trek alone and it served the purpose. However, there is major draw back to this product. One of the pole did not fit properly and it broke the first day of the trek. Thankfully, I had duck tape and I did a kick fix which held the rest of the trip.Later, I replaced both poles with aluminum pole. I think it is a great affordable product and, the quality is fine for the price. It is difficult to find a tent under 3 pounds for that price.
JEFFRY S  It has been quite a while since I purchased the tent but I seem to remember it was purchased based on price (I purchased 3 of them).
JEFFREY A  The spitfire is a good choice as well, especially with a little more vertical room, but for me, the solitaire met my basic requirements at half the cost.
Gary L  In reading some reviews: I saw one person at 5'11'" who said is feet were up against the bottom end and so got wet. And another who said at 6'2" it was big enough for him. I'm 6'2" and having trouble finding a 1 person tent that I feel is long enough. Ideally I would like to be able to lay on my back in a sleeping bag with my feet pointed straight up and still have a couple inches of clearance at both ends. Will the solitaire work?
DANIEL P  I'm 6'5 and if You fix your self nice inside you will be able to lay dow but is a little hard in a so the place like this
ANTHONY M  Gary, I''m 5'10" and it never occurred to me that the tent could be too short. I lived and slept in this tent for a week while elk-hunting with my son (he had his own tent) in the Cascades and I slept supine with some of the 'sensitive' gear below my feet and without any problem. I wish I still had the tent. My son liked it so much, he kept it , uses it often and he is 6'1". I'll probably buy another one this spring as it worked very well.
Gary L  Thank you, think I'll give it a try. Gary
KASEY A  I think I might be the person who's 5'11" and wrote the review...because there's no real vestibule in this tent, you have to have your backpack behind you (i.e.; as a pillow) or store it outside the tent. Since I live in a less-than-dry climate, I have to shuffle down to fit with the backpack. This tent produces a lot of condensation if you don't have the fly rolled back, but if you're not backpacking / camping somewhere with moisture issues (that cause condensation or require you to utilize the backpack pillow method), you'll be fine. I have to say, though I no longer have this tent because my partner and I need an 2-person tent, that it was an AWESOME tent overall. I got spoiled by carrying something that rolled down to about the size of a basketball and had spindly (albeit sometimes scarily so) poles that didn't take up too much room in my pack. The fact that you could roll the rainfly back and look at the stars (or escape through the zipper in the mesh so you don't have to climb out the front) was wonderful. Most of the nights I spent in the tent, though, it was too cold to enjoy this option. Happy shopping!
Gary L  Thank you, think I'll give it a try. Gary
JEFFRY S  I purchased 3 of these tents for me & my sons for a 4 day stint on the AT. I'm the tallest at 6'0". If I lay on my back & push my head close to the entrance, I have about 4" of space at the bottom of the tent. I like this tent because if you sleep without the rain cover (which we did on the AT) you can unzip the top part from head to foot and step into it as opposed to crawling in from the top. My experience is that a 6'2" person can fit in this tent with a couple of inches to spare (especially for the price of these tents).
Gary L  Thank you, think I'll give it a try. Gary
ERIC B  You should be fine. I'm 5 6 and there's at least 1 1/2 feet extra for me To wiggle around in.
Gary L  Thanks Eric, think I'll give it a try.
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