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AQUAblue Wetsuits

Wetsuits are essential for keeping you safe and happy in the water. Becoming too cold can cut a beautiful dive experience short, or worse, lead to hypothermia. Wetsuits also protect you from stings and sunburn.

If you are looking for a wetsuit to suit all your in-water activities, look no further than AQUAblue. Offering top quality wetsuits of various styles for an affordable price, you won’t find better suits on the market today. Whether you are diving, surfing, kiteboarding, or splashing around in the shallows, AQUAblue has a wetsuit for your entire family!

Adult Full Suits & Shorty Wetsuits

Suits for the Kids

Aqua Blue Wetsuits: Made for Family Fun

The Aqua Blue range offers wetsuits of various sizes, styles, and thicknesses to suit all your aquatic needs. Here’s why we love Aqua Blue wetsuits:

Wetsuits for everyone: Aqua Blue delivers quality wetsuits to fit men, women, and children. These well-fitting suits will keep you dry and protected from the elements. Never wear a unisex wetsuit again after experiencing the comfort of a suit made with quality materials and attention to detail.

Wetsuits for all conditions: Some dive sites require a simple and short 2.5mm wetsuit that keeps your core warm and protects your back from the sun. But sometimes, you need a little more to keep you comfortable in colder waters. Aqua Blue offers shorties, as well as full-length 3/2mm suits, so you’ll never be cold again. You’ll also find full-body skins that are perfect for sun and sting protection in warmer waters.

Affordable prices: With kids’ shorties from less than $30, and adult full suits for less than $60, these suits deliver top quality, long-lasting wear, all for a budget price.

High quality: Aqua Blue provides outstanding wetsuits made from the superior materials, made to last. You’ll find rear entry YKK zippers with a pull tab leash and premium neoprene foam with abrasion-resistant fabric laminates. Super stretch neoprene panels are strategically positioned for improved range of motion, and Duratex stretch knee pads provide added mobility, comfort, and superior durability. But it doesn’t stop there. Flat-lock stitching helps prevent rashes when using the suit for action water sports, and an adjustable collar assures a perfect, comfortable fit.

Leading fit and style: The Aqua Blue skins come in various colors, from hot pink to black, with a subtle stripe down the sides. Built to provide a perfect fit, you’ll be fashionable in and out of the water.