How to Prepare for a Fall Marathon

How to Prepare for a Fall Marathon

August 5, 2014194Views

prepare for a fall marathonRunning a marathon has become the main goal of runners at any level. A marathon is a grueling event that requires proper training. Those who want to know how to prepare for a fall marathon will find help in the tips below.

Start Training Early

A new runner will need at least four months time to train for a marathon. This includes being able to average 35 miles per week for six weeks, while still feeling a comfort level at 30 miles. Those who are not at this level will need to build up endurance slowly in order to avoid injury and prepare for a fall marathon.

Stay Out of an Injury Cycle

When training for a marathon, it is easy to fall into a cycle of injury that is difficult to overcome. This typically occurs when the runner experiences a minor injury that causes a setback of seven days or more. Since aerobic fitness develops faster than muscles, tendons and ligaments can adapt, a runner who is pushing too hard with training may continue with one injury after another, which can lead to a sporadic training schedule. The end result is a body that has not adapted to training and is not prepared on race day.

Take the Next Natural Step

Instead of worrying about time and distance goals, many trainers encourage runners to take natural steps in their individual development. prepare for a fall marathonThis involves paying attention to the body and only increasing pace and distance when it feels right. When those milestones are reached, it is time to start to prepare for a fall marathon. Working with the body, instead of against it, will increase the chances of finishing the event.

Whether a runner is a veteran or just starting out, slow, steady training that respects the limits of the body is best practice for a successful marathon race.

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