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using a tandem kayak
by: Nick

Using a Tandem Kayak

If you're a fan of kayaking, why not try using a tandem kayak on your next outdoor adventure? Read this...
pivot turn on a stand up paddleboard
by: Nick

How to Pivot Turn on a Stand Up Paddleboard

Take a look at this post for a quick guide on how to pivot turn on a stand up paddleboard,...
preventing foot pain while stand up paddleboarding
by: Nick

Preventing Foot Pain While Stand Up Paddleboarding

If you're an SUP enthusiast, chances are good you're interested in preventing foot pain while stand up paddleboarding. Read on...
paddleboarding in rough surf
by: Nick

Tips for Stand Up Paddleboarding in Rough Surf

If you're an SUP enthusiast, you'll likely encounter choppy waters at some point. Learn how to paddleboard in rough surf...
by: Nick

Improve Your Kayak Fishing Skills

If you're looking to improve your kayak fishing skills, check out this video post with a few hot tips to...
black canyon water trail
by: Nick

Paddle the Black Canyon Water Trail

If you're looking for an outstanding waterway to cruise down on your paddleboard, kayak, or canoe, be sure to check...
by: Nick

Kayaking Through the Sea Caves of New Zealand

Check out this incredible video post about a few intrepid folks kayaking the sea caves of New Zealand and what...
by: Nick

Try SUP Camping!

If you're a paddleboard enthusiast and an avid outdoorsman, why not combine the two and try SUP camping?
by: Nick

Catching Waves in Siberia

Surfing isn't all about turquoise waters, palm trees, and shaggy hair -- these Russians will show you all about catching...
stand up paddleboards under $1000
by: Nick

Sevylor Stand Up Paddleboards Under $1000

Score a great deal on Sevylor stand up paddleboards with selections available for less than $1000 at SunnySports!
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