Bathe on the Edge of the World at South Africa’s Victoria Falls

Bathe on the Edge of the World at South Africa’s Victoria Falls

February 5, 2018454Views

If standing over the edge of the Grand Canyon on its new glass-enclosed Skywalk attraction isn’t quite enough of a thrill for you, perhaps Victoria Falls has something that will tickle your sense of adventure. There’s something about sitting right on the edge of a 350-foot waterfall that keeps people tricking in to Devil’s Pool.

Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall on the planet, measuring nearly a mile wide. It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, visited by over a million tourists annually. Devil’s Pool, also referred to as the Armchair, is a naturally formed infinity pool on the cusp of the falls’ edge.

The Zambezi River, which feeds Victoria Falls, must be flowing at a particular rate in order to reach the pool safely; otherwise, attempting to reach Devil’s Pool is extremely dangerous and a few have lost their lives to the challenge. For those who enjoy tempting fate, professional tours are led to the pool between September and December. Enjoy living vicariously through these brave souls!

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