Walk Through Nevada’s Valley of Fire

Walk Through Nevada’s Valley of Fire

May 18, 2014214Views

Valley Of Fire State Park - NevadaNevada is renown worldwide for its impressive geological landscape and formations, documenting millions of years of turbulent changes within its sheer cliff faces and curiously placed boulders of incomprehensible size that have slowly eroded to form the features of the landscape today. But there’s one place that manages to outshine all the others, with vistas at every turn that fully embody the name bestowed upon this unearthly place: Valley of Fire.

Nearly 42,000 acres of land fall within the boundaries of the Valley of Fire State Park, dedicated as such in 1935, and later designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1968. But modern-day visitors aren’t the only ones hypnotized by the park’s characteristic red sandstone formations — evidence exists in the park that indicates humans were traveling through the park thousands of years ago.

Anyone who visits the park will be able to see why the park is named Valley of Fire, with endless ways the sunlight can reflect off the surreal terrain to create vibrant scenes that appear to be burning like hot coals, with heat waves that mimicking flickering flames in the distance. Valley of Fire is a shutterbug’s delight, as every new step provides a new backdrop and composition opportunity.

Hiking, picnicking, and camping are all available at Valley of Fire State Park, and the Visitor Center has detailed exhibits that explain the geology, ecology, prehistory, and recent history of the region for those who value an educational experience along with their sightseeing. Check out this footage of the glowing visages that await in Nevada’s Valley of Fire.

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