Tips for Camping in the Rain

Tips for Camping in the Rain

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Camping is considered, by some, to be a year-round activity. However, the outdoors can be an unpredictable place, and unexpected weather can occur, but don’t let that stop you if you’ve got the outdoor bug. A few useful tips can make camping in the rain a fun, exciting experience, rather than a dreary one.

Be selective about camping locations during a strong rain or thunderstorm. Remember that lightning often accompanies these storms, so stay away from water, which conducts electricity, and also avoid high elevations. When hiking during a shower, be careful about the footing of the terrain. Even gentle slopes can quickly become slippery. In addition, stay away from loose boulders or dirt that could slide, and also avoid large tree branches that may break and come crashing down.

Whenever rain is a possibility, bring both a ground cover and a tent fly. A ground cover, such as a tarp, is used either under the tent or inside the tent, to line the bottom. The ground cover should be waterproof and will help to keep moisture from seeping into the tent. A tent fly is a tented piece of waterproof fabric that’s hung over the tent itself. The tent fly whisks water away from the tent, helping campers stay dry. It wouldn’t hurt to pack an extra large tarp to reinforce the rain fly in case things start getting really soggy.

Another thing to bring when there’s a possibility of camping in the rain is several plastic bags. During rainy weather, important paper materials, food, clothing and electronic gear can be easily damaged. Wrapping packs or other important items in plastic bags, such as grocery bags, garbage bags or sandwich bags, can prevent this problem.

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Always keep fire materials dry and ready to use after the rain has stopped. During a shower, it’s easy to forget that all the wood in the area is getting wet, and will no longer burn readily. Keep a pile of wood in a dry area, or wrap it in a plastic bag or tarp to keep out moisture. In addition, carry dry fire starter materials, such as paper or tinder.If gear or clothing does get wet during a rainstorm, dry everything out as soon as possible. This will help to prevent mildew, and will also make the rest of the camping trip more enjoyable. If clothing becomes wet, remove it immediately and wrap up in dry clothes or blankets. Hypothermia can be a real danger in cold, rainy weather, but the proper precautions can help to prevent this.


  1. Me and my friends have been thinking of camping on the camp grounds of the Florida Keys. In the summer time, it is rainy season in South Florida. So keeping away from water when it rains is going to be very difficult. I guess I will have to make sure I stock up on water proof gear like containers, tents and clothing. I’ll be sure to bring my scuba diving shoes.

  2. The ground cover and tent fly is the best tips I have heard in a long time, we used to have this 10 person canvas tent that was an old Colman tent and we had no problems with water coming into that thing but they aren’t made like that any more. I hadn’t thought of something to keep the tent itself dry that is a good idea. Keep the info coming will ya.

  3. My friend likes to go camping and she has a really good tent. In fact, she has not only gone to camp grounds, but she sometimes likes to set up her tent on the beach and camp out the evening there and cook out and listen to music and watch the sky and listen to the sounds of the ocean. Her tent must be as good as the ones for sale online here.

  4. Most tents I see for sale are described as water resistant & not waterproof. One tent I have seen is Kodak canvas& it is very clearly described as waterproof. It is not for backpack camping as it is heavy. I was able to see one at a Jeep jamboree last year & they are well made. I plan to get one next month & try it out.

  5. I recently read about an easy fire starter even if wood is damp. Bring along some cotton balls that have been covered with petroleum jelly. They are light, make a great fire starter, can be stored in a small container, and are easy to pack.

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