The Human Role in the Destruction of Wildlife Habitat

The Human Role in the Destruction of Wildlife Habitat

January 9, 2018277Views

Displacement of wild species affects every region of the world, as the human population surges and demand for development increases. Whether it is to harness the Earth’s natural resources, create grazing fields for livestock, or construct roads and housing, development of wildlands effectively destroys the habitat many species depend on for survival.

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The eradication of entire ecosystems is not uncommon when lands are developed, leaving the native species nowhere to live. Although it may not seem immediately apparent, humans also rely on these ecosystems to provide us with the necessary means of survival.

Wetlands provide filtration for drinking water, rainforests provide filtration for the air we breathe, coral reefs protect coastal regions from the destructive forces of ocean storms, and grasslands are essential for food cultivation. The more these areas are transformed according to unsustainable needs, the greater extremes people and animals will have to go to in order to simply get by.

Environmental conservation is a hotly contested subject in nearly all parts of the world. As the world becomes increasingly modernized, the focus has been shifted away from nature to the expansion of industrialization.

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Animal and plant species, lands and seas, even people are the unwitting victims of this global exploitation. And when those resources run out, a new breed of desperation and suffering will certainly emerge for all the species on Earth.

It may seem like a means to an end, but if the rate of destruction continues at its current rate, that end may come sooner than we think.

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