Survival Uses for a Milk Jug

Survival Uses for a Milk Jug

September 19, 2014322Views

survival uses for a milk jugYou may have heard the words “survival preparedness” increasingly in recent years, but there are good reasons behind all the hype. With tensions growing tighter the world over, and predicted increased incidences of natural disasters, being prepared for anything is never a waste of time. There are many ways that one can prepare for survival of various situations, and getting your emergency response kit started may be as simple as repurposing materials that are already laying around your house. Let’s take a look at just a few survival uses for a milk jug.

There are two basic needs for sustaining life — food and water — so securing these necessities should be the first thing on the checklist (making a list of supplies is also a great idea for logistics and planning). One gallon milk jugs are great for storing both dry or dehydrated foods and water.  Some food stuffs that can be stored are rice, flour, beans, and salt. You can also place your favorite dehydrated boxed foods in the jug, so if in the event of anything involving water damage, your boxed food stash wont get ruined.

When it comes to water, you can never have too much. Stats say the average American uses up to 100 gallons of water per day, and not all the water is for drinking, so preparing for sanitation and cooking is important. Collecting gallon jugs for extra water storage rather than throwing them in the recycling bin can go a long way towards disaster preparedness.

survival uses for a milk jugIf your water supply is running low or gets contaminated, there is an old-fashioned water filtration system that can be modernized with a milk jug. Cut the bottom of the jug off and poke some small holes in the cap for the water to drip out. Then create a layered system by placing coffee filters at the bottom near the cap, then powdered charcoal, then sand, and gravel. Cover the cut off end with a cotton cloth and slowly pour in unfiltered water. Repeat and then boil the filtered water.

If the power goes out and you have a headlamp as a backup light, you can fill up a jug with water and strap the headlamp around the jug to create amplified illumination in your immediate area.

Other uses can be making funnels, fish traps, or even as insulating layers in makeshift construction of shelters. Survival styles may vary, but the goal is singular: use what you can to stay safe and alive!

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