Squirrel Makes His Own GoPro Movie

Squirrel Makes His Own GoPro Movie

August 17, 2016429Views

Squirrels are born hoarders. These clever critters stash away food for a rainy day. Not only do they have numerous hiding places for their snacks, but they even create decoy hiding places to fool other animals and keep them from stealing their hard earned food. Their sneakiness isn’t limited to edible items, either. Curious creatures, they’ll take just about anything, regardless of its value.

Videotaping squirrels can be fun. They run, chase each other, and they’re quite acrobatic. Just keep an eye on your GoPro, or one of these little guys might make off with it! It happened to the owner of the video captured here. Check it out to get an adorable squirrel’s eye view as the little guy takes a dizzying trip into the treetops with his newfound toy.

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