Spruce Up Your Outdoor Shower Experience with Zodi

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Shower Experience with Zodi

May 23, 2014299Views

SunnySports_logosWe recently posted an article with a variety of portable camp shower choices, and we’re going to take it a step further today with a few accessories from Zodi to seriously spruce up your outdoor showering experience. Why stay dirty when getting clean is so easy?


outdoor showerZodi i.hut Shower Enclosure – $114.95 FREE SHIPPING!

If you’re looking for a respite from the prying eyes of nature while you shower, there’s no better choice than Zodi’s i.hut Shower Enclosure. This enormous shower enclosure offers plenty of room to suds up with four-foot wide panels and six feet across from wall to wall. The zippered door adds to privacy, eliminating any chance of the door being flung open by a strong wind gust or a mischievous campmate. The self-supporting structure is easy to set up and take down, and mesh pockets on the inside provide ample space for your cleansers and toiletries. When it’s time to pack up, the whole enclosure compresses down into the included mesh carrying bag for quick drying and storage.


outdoor showerZodi Shower Pole – $34.95

The Zodi Shower Pole is pretty self-explanatory: simply place inside your shower enclosure (or anywhere on the ground if you’re not using an enclosure), adjust to the proper height, fasten your shower hose to the pole, and you’re off and running. The pole is supported by a stable three-leg base to keep it firmly in place on all kinds of natural terrain. The adjustable height of this shower pole also makes it useful as a dish or hand washing station in camp, and it all packs away into the included nylon carrying bag.


outdoor showerZodi Battery Powered Shower – $31.95

If you don’t have a solar shower in your camping gear, you can still enjoy a quality outdoor shower or quick kitchen cleanup using only a large container (like a 5-gallon bucket or square bin) and Zodi’s Battery Powered Shower. The pump’s 6-volt battery ensures an even flow that can be easily operated with an on/off switch, and the battery itself is protected inside a waterproof case so you don’t accidentally decommission your new gear on the first shower. Simply immerse the pump into your water source, and enjoy great pressure for showering or washing up with the 8-foot hose and shower head. Runs on 4 D cell batteries.


outdoor showerZodi Hot Tap Hot Shower – $174.95 FREE SHIPPING!

And for those who plan on spending more than a weekend in the woods, or just really enjoy the finer things in life no matter where they are, we have the Hot Tap Hot Shower from Zodi. This setup has everything you need to get a piping hot shower in a matter of minutes, including a stainless steel propane burner with Piezo push button ignition system, 8-foot flexible shower hose and water-saving shower head, and gas valves that allow you to control the temperature up to 100 F. The 15-liter hard case that it is packaged in serves as your water tank, providing 10 minutes of blissfully hot showering.  One fuel canister will heat over 200 liters of water, meaning long term campers or large groups will be able to enjoy a nice, hot shower for days on end.

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