How to Handle Loud Camping Neighbors

How to Handle Loud Camping Neighbors

August 11, 20143966Views

At certain points in a camper’s life, he or she will inevitably run into rude or loud camping neighbors. Whether it be a radio that is cranked to an abnormal volume, another camper’s dog that could seemingly bark for days, or a group of obnoxious campers that stay awake at all hours yelling and laughing around a campfire, these types of neighbors are enough to drive some campers to pack up and leave.

These are ways in which anyone can handle a case of rude camping neighbors quickly and effectively.

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Avoid Loud Neighbors

The most effective strategy for avoiding rude camping neighbors is to not set up camp anywhere near them. This might require scouting the campground before choosing a spot. For example, elderly campers might want to scout out areas in which other elderly campers are located. In this case, the probability that the camping neighbors will stay up and party into the wee hours of the morning is minimal.

Remind Them of the Rules

Many campgrounds have “quiet hours,” or spans of time when noise levels are to remain minimal. Many also maintain regulations about drugs and alcohol, common causes of rowdy behavior. Study the campground’s rules and kindly remind the noisy neighbors of them.

Even if there are no rules in place that regulate noisy groups, it doesn’t hurt to simply ask the offenders to quiet down. Let them know that they are being loud enough to disrupt other campers’ vacations. In many cases, the rowdy campers will quiet down and take the concerns into consideration.

If a more subtle approach is preferred, it doesn’t hurt to walk to the loud camping neighbors’ campsite and simply strike up a conversation. After getting small talk out of the way, be sure mention what a good time it sounded as though they were having the night before. From this alone, the campers should be able to take a hint that they need to quiet down.

people camping party loud camping neighbors
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Pay a Visit to the Park Rangers or Management

In worst case scenarios, the best resolution is to contact either the park’s rangers or the campground management. After informing authorities on the issue at hand, allow them to handle it from there. They will likely speak with the campers about their behavior, as well as let them know what could happen if they continue to disrupt other campers’ vacations.

Featured Image from Tegan Mierle/Unsplash