How to Use Trekking Poles for More Than Hiking

How to Use Trekking Poles for More Than Hiking

January 1, 2018322Views

People who haven’t used trekking poles think they’re for wimps, people who use trekking poles won’t begin a hike without them, but all trekkers may be surprised at how handy a set of trekking poles can be on your next hiking and camping adventure.

Trekking poles are similar to ski poles, but are designed to be used while hiking. Providing a hiker with two extra points of contact as well as naturally changing walking posture to keep hands higher, trekking poles offer significant advantages in keeping your balance and load distribution.

You can also push off with a pole, helping to use arm strength to lift you up the trail instead of always depending on your legs. But let’s take a look at some non-traditional uses for trekking poles.

Structure Frame

With a basic tarp and some rope or paracord, you can now create an incredibly lightweight yet sturdy shelter. The poles act just like poles to a tent with a tarp stretched between them and tied off.

Dry Damp Clothes

While hopefully your hiking clothes are wicking and quick drying, there may still be some items you’d like to dry out more while relaxing around camp. Set your trekking poles into the ground, tie them together with rope or paracord and anchor the ends and you now have a very secure clothesline.

Gear Holder

Trekking poles can be used to simple things like hanging gloves to try or keeping food away from small animals. Having a camp lantern at a slightly elevated position can help it throw more light. While there are always trees to hang your lanterns from, they may not be conveniently located. A trekking pole can be placed wherever you need the extra light.

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