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by: Nick

Tips for Keeping Wildlife Out of Your Camp

Keeping wildlife out of your camp isn't all that hard -- just a few supplies and a good strategy will...
by: Nick

Make a Survival Stove Out of a Tuna Can

This tutorial for making a survival stove out of a tuna can is easy enough for kids to make with...
by: Nick

How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep on Camping Trips

Do you toss and turn whenever you sleep under the stars? Learn how to get a great night's sleep on...
by: Nick

Helpful Tips for Camping with Kids

Are you nervous about camping with kids? Don't be! We've got a few great tips to help you prepare in...
by: Nick

FREE Awesome Apps with Loads of Outdoor Information

Check out two of our favorite FREE apps for Android and Apple devices that will enhance your understanding and enjoyment...
by: Nick

What Avalanche Rescue Looks Like

Avalanche safety should be a top priority for anyone who enjoys adventuring in the winter backcountry. This video is a...
by: Nick

Survival Skills: How to Gut and Clean a Fish

Learning to gut and clean a fish can be a life saving skill! Learn the basics with this walkthrough before...
by: Nick

Understanding Tent Size Ratings

Know what various tent ratings mean before you buy the wrong tent! Number of people, weight, and so much more...
by: Nick

Why the Sheet Bend Knot is a Camper’s Best Friend

The sheet bend knot is great to know for those times when you might need to join two sections of...
by: Nick

Tie Your Hiking Boots Securely So They Never Come Untied Again

You may think that tying your shoes is easy, but could you be doing it wrong? If you've ever had...
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