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by: Nick

5 Sizzling Day Hikes of Arizona

If you live in or are visiting Arizona and want to get some hikes in, here are a few options...
by: Nick

Waterfall Hikes You Have to Do on Your Hawaiian Vacation

If you're headed to Hawaii, be sure to explore one of these amazing waterfall hikes to feel the true Ohana...
by: Nick

Go Deep Into the Earth at Carlsbad Caverns National Park

What lies beneath the soil in the American southwest? Take a virtual tour of New Mexico's Carlsbad Caverns National Park...
by: Nick

Lake Tahoe: Jewel of the American Southwest

Check out this amazing aerial drone footage of Lake Tahoe, the jewel of the American southwest, and start planning your...
by: Nick

How to Safely Hike the Lava Flows of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Watch land actually being created in Hawaii's Volcanoes National Park! You may actually get near an active lava flow, be...
by: Nick

Enjoy Nevada’s Diverse Range of Outdoor Activities!

Forget about gambling and drinking all night -- Nevada has more nature than you can shake a pair of dice...
by: Nick

Mysterious Forces: The Globe’s Various Vortices

Have you ever experienced an invisible vortex? You might be able to in one of these three unique locations.
by: Nick

The Precarious Thrill of Victoria Falls’ Devil’s Pool

Victoria Falls Devil's Pond is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. If that's not enough for you,...
by: Nick

The Subterranean Jewel That is Puerto Princesa

This underground river found on Puerto Princesa, on the Philippine island of Palawan is simply breathtaking! Take it all in...
by: Nick

Enjoy Wildlife and Adventure Sports at Colorado’s Browns Canyon National Monument

Discover the majestic beauty of Colorado's Browns Canyon National Monument.
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