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tips for beginning backpackers
by: Nick

Helpful Tips for Beginning Backpackers

If you're thinking about strapping on everything you need to traverse the wilderness for a few days, take a look...
aztec ruins national monument
by: Nick

Go Back in Time at Aztec Ruins National Monument

Go back in time at Aztec Ruins National Monument in New Mexico, where you can walk through an ancient city...
backpacking meals
by: Nick

5 Tips for Planning Backpacking Meals

Check out this post for a few tips on planning backpacking meals that will help you make nutritious meals and...
dehydration in the wilderness
by: Nick

How to Handle Dehydration in the Wilderness

Check out this post for some valuable information on what dehydration in the wilderness looks like, and how to prevent...
petrified wood
by: Nick

Go on a Hunt for Petrified Wood

Learn how petrified wood is formed and where you might be able to find a piece of your own in...
chafing on a hike
by: Nick

How to Prevent Chafing on a Hike

Chafing on a hike can cause more discomfort than you think, but you can prevent it with a few simple...
canyons of the ancients
by: Nick

Explore Native History at Canyons of the Ancients National Monument

Explore ancient Native American and geological history when you visit Colorado's stunning Canyon of the Ancients National Monument!
by: Nick

5 Common Rocks Found by Rockhounding

Rockhounding is a great way to get into outdoor spaces you might not have explored on your own...just look at...
by: Nick

Getting Started with Geochaching

If you're looking for a fun and interesting way to get outdoors more often, check out this post to see...
trail snack
by: Nick

Use Your Imagination to Make Your Own Trail Snacks

While good old raisins and peanuts, or GORP, is a tried and true trail snack, why not mix it up...
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