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by: Nick

Helpful Tips for Watching a Solar Eclipse

With the total solar eclipse coming up on Monday, August 21, take a look at these simple tips for watching...
astronomical events in 2017
by: Nick

Keep Your Eye On the Sky for These 5 Astronomical Events in 2017

This post features just 5 astronomical events in 2017 you should mark on your calendar and observe if at all...
common poisonous plants
by: Nick

5 Common Poisonous Plants to Look Out for This Summer

Most people know to look out for poison oak and ivy on their outdoor adventures, but here are 5 other...
types of volcanoes
by: Nick

Types of Volcanoes Explained

How do you tell the difference between a lava dome and a cinder cone? If you've ever wondered how types...
plants mosquitoes hate
by: Nick

5 Plants Mosquitoes Hate

Check out this post for a list of just 5 plants mosquitoes hate that you can plant in your garden...
smoke fog
by: Nick

The Strange Phenomenon of Smoke Fog in Florida

Read up on one of the Sunshine State's most enigmatic and deadly weather phenomena: smoke fog.
national park service
by: Nick

The Importance of the National Park Service

Take a look at this post to understand the functions of the National Park Service and why we need them...
wolves in the ecosystem
by: Nick

The Important Role of Wolves in the Ecosystem

While most people fear them, the importance of wolves in the ecosystem is perfectly illustrated by their disappearance and reintroduction...
highest mountain on earth
by: Nick

Is Everest the Highest Mountain on Earth?

Is Mount Everest the highest mountain on Earth? The answer may surprise you! Check out this post for some interesting...
importance of snow
by: Nick

The Importance of Snow to the Ecosystem

While it is little more than a huge pain to many due to the havoc it wreaks, the importance of...
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