Zippo Emergency Fire Starter

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  • Lightweight plastic case
  • Water-resistant O-ring seal
  • Four water-resistant tinder sticks
  • Flint wheel ignition
  • Weight with packaging: 0.1 lbs
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About Zippo Emergency Fire Starter

Zippo Emergency Fire Starter
The Zippo Emergency Fire Starter is the ideal assistant to have on you, if you forgot to take a matchbox on your camping trip. Sometimes the smallest of things make the biggest difference, and getting a fire started in the outdoors is definitely one of the most important thing you would probably need to do, on many occasions. The Zippo is then the best choice, because it's a brand that you can trust with your eyes closed, for its quality and reliability. This product comes in a lightweight plastic case which renders it easy to carry and store. With a water-resistant O-ring seal, your lighter is sure to stay dry and ready to light up within a second. Thanks to its reliable flint-wheel ignition, you know you are going to have no trouble getting that fire started. Look no further, get the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter today!

Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Features

  • Kit includes a flint-wheel ignition and 4 waxed tinder sticks to help you get fire going
  • Water-resistant O-ring seal built into the polypropylene case helps keep the contents dry
  • Zippo Emergency Fire Starter kit floats in water
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