Wenger Evolution 16 Swiss Army Knife

Wenger Evolution 16 Swiss Army Knife Features

What's in the box: Wenger Evolution 16 Swiss Army Knife

The Wenger Evolution 16 Swiss Army Knife
The Wenger Evolution 16 Swiss Army Knife is a multi-purpose knife, true to its Swiss tradition. An ergonomic handle makes it easy and secure to handle. The Wenger knife has a 2.5 in. drop down blade that can cut through most things easily. The multi-purpose knife has been fitted with a patented locking screwdriver for placing and removing screws much easier, and a 2.4 in. self-sharpening spring-less scissors with serrated blade to make cutting less stressful. The knife from Wenger also assists with persona naill grooming with a nail file and cleaner. Thee Wenger Evolution 16 Swiss Army Knife complete with toothpick, tweezers, key ring, reamer, awl, wire stripper, can opener and cap lifter, is the perfect multi-tool compliment for any pocket.

Key Features

  • This knife comes with an ergonomic handle, giving you a firm grip
  • The 2.4 in. spring-less scissors that feature a serrated, self-sharpening design ensure a clean cut with every use  
  • Its 2.5 in. drop point blade can be used to cut, chop or slice anything at home or when you are out camping 
  • The patented locking flat blade screwdriver helps to tackle hard-to-reach screws
  • The cap lifter and can opener are handy during any party
  • With its nail file and the nail cleaner, you can maintain your fingernails tidy and trim
  • The Phillips head screwdriver is useful during your DIY projects, with assembling and dissembling
  • Drill holes accurately, without using any complicated tool, with the help of the nifty reamer
  • Lend class to your woodwork projects with the useful awl
  • At 3.25 in. and 2.6 oz., this Swiss army knife slips easily into most pockets and is very light
  • Also included are a toothpick and tweezers that you can for minor personal grooming 
  • Attach your keys to the included key ring to keep then organized and close at hand