Wenger Evo S18 Swiss Army Knife

Wenger Evo S18 Swiss Army Knife Features

Wenger Evo S18 Swiss Army Knife
The Wenger Evo S18 Swiss Army Knife delivers the comfort and precision one looks in any handy tool. The red Swiss Army knife from Wenger has been designed with sleek, elegant contours to fit perfect on the human hand. This in turn will allow a firmer grip on the knife, furnishing its handler with better precision and thus keep the hands from accidental cuts and scrapes. Equipped with 11 implements, this Wenger knife lets you perform up to 15 functions. The knife can cut through various materials using the sharp 2.5 in. locking blade, the 2.75 in. double-cut wood saw, or the 2.4 in. self-sharpening spring-less scissors with serrated blades. There's also a patented locking screwdriver and Phillips head screwdriver to loosen or tighten screws. Other tools include a wire stripper, cap lifter, can opener, reamer, awl, toothpick, nail file, nail cleaner, tweezers, and a key ring. Always ready to be used for any task, the Wenger Evo S18 Swiss Army Knife is the perfect tool to have handy.

Key Features

  • The Hi-visibility red body of the Wenger EvoGrip Evo S17 Swiss Army Knife makes it very visible and easy to find
  • With a folded length of 3.25 in. and a weight of only 3.1oz, this Swiss Army knife is easy to store and bring along
  • Its design comes with a multipurpose Key Ring to attach your keys
  • It also has an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip 
  • The non-slip rubber grip points on handles lets you have a secure grip on the knife
  • Its 2.5 in. Straight edge, locking blade with Drop point tip  and 2.4 in. Springless scissors with serrated, self-sharpening function lets you cut various materials
  • 2.75 in. double-cut wood saw is effective on various types of wood
  • Patented locking flat blade screwdriver and Phillips head screwdriver, stainless steel are convenient for loosening and tightening screws
  • Beauty accessories like nail file, nail cleaner, toothpick and tweezers are included in case you need to cut or clean your nails, clean your teeth, or pick up small items
  • Additional tools as wire stripper, can opener, reamer, cap lifter, and awl are re also there to help you with other tasks

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.

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