Ultimate Survival Wet Fire Tinder - 8 Pack

Ultimate Survival Wet Fire Tinder - 8 Pack

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Ultimate Survival Wet Fire Tinder - 8 Pack Features

Ultimate Survival Wet Fire Tinder
The Ultimate Survival Wet Fire Tinder is a true essential for the serious adventure enthusiast when camping or hiking. Developed for the military to make a quick fire even in rainy areas, this comes in handy during any weather condition. Its patented, trade-secret material makes the Wet Fire safe, odorless and non-toxic. This burns at 1300 degrees, excellent to get a fire started with coal or wood. The residue is a pile of shavings which can be safely disposed of. You can start a fire with a minimum amount of heat by just rubbing your hands together over it to generate friction. It also burns longer and cools down almost instantly when put out. Another good thing about this tinder is it still burns when floating in water, and burns even longer when wet. The Ultimate Survival Wet Fire Tinder gets your fire started anywhere and under any condition.

Key Features

  • Thanks to the special secret white material, this wet fire tinder helps build a quick fire even during strong winds or rains
  • It comes in a pack of eight cubes that weigh just 0.2 ounces, allowing you to fit many of these in your travel bags
  • Each of the eight cubes come in individual wrapping to prevent spilling or mixing
  • Its made of material that make this tinder safe, odorless and non-toxic
  • You can get over 1300 degrees of heat without smoke, residue or odor making it ideal for barbeque and camp fires
  • The Ultimate Survival Wet Fire Tinder comes with a special property that makes it burn longer even when wet
  • Its raw material makes the tinder burn hot when set alight but cools down almost instantaneously
  • The color of the tinder is a cool white that is making it easy to spot 

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.

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