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Esbit Titanium Stove

Esbit Titanium Stove Features

Esbit Titanium Stove
The Esbit Titanium Stove is a simply designed folding stove for burning Esbit solid fuel tablets that is ideal for minimalist and ultra light hikers. These stoves are extremely popular with Marathon Des Sables runners and those at the more 'lightweight' end of the outdoor spectrum. The stove is made of titanium, and has three 'legs' that fold and unfold around a small tray in the centre sized to hold a 14 g. Esbit solid fuel tablet. The legs are designed to allow the stove to be used with various sizes of cups and pots-larger pots can rest on the top of the legs, and smaller cups can rest on the serrated edges. The Esbit Titanium Stove is an excellent addition to any pack on summit day.

Key Features

  • Constructed from ultralight titanium
  • Fold and unfold around a small tray in the center sized
  • Foldable stores
  • Included mesh bag
  • Lightweight
  • Minimalist and ultralight hikers
  • Tablet tray holds solid fuel in place
  • Tabletsnot included
  • Use with Esbit solid fuel tablets
  • Works well with the Esbit Titanium Pot