Esbit Alcohol Burner


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  • Brass Construction
  • Screw top with rubber seal
  • Flame regulator/ Flame snuffer
  • Fold-away handle on flame regulator
  • Variable temperature control
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About Esbit Alcohol Burner

Esbit Alcohol Burner
Esbit Alcohol Burner is a lightweight alternative to a liquid gas or canister stove. It is a extremely durable and efficient stove that is constructed of brass and weighs only 3.25 oz. It comes with a flame regulator with a foldaway handle. The stove has a screw top with rubber seal so fuel stores in the stove so separate storage is not required. It uses the most commonly available fuel, with fuel available in almost every town. It is great for backpackers or anyone who does not want to carry old canisters of gas. There are no moving parts or burners to wear out or break. It uses Denatured Alcohol only for fuel that will be easily available at a local hardware or grocery store. Esbit Alcohol Burner is the stove of choice for ultra light and long-distance backpackers.

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