Esbit 2.35L Pot with Heat Exchanger

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Product Highlights:

  • Pot with heat exchanger
  • Multi-layer
  • Non-stick coating
  • Volume indicators in liter/oz.
  • Extremely light

Esbit 2.35L Pot with Heat Exchanger Features

What's in the box: 2.35 L pot, lid with plastic grip, pot holder, and pot gripper

Esbit 2.35L Pot with Heat Exchanger
Esbit 2.35L Pot with Heat Exchanger is an excellent addition to any cook set. It is made of extremely light, hard-anodised aluminium, with a heat exchanger providing higher efficiency and thus reducing energy consumption. The heat exchanger reduces the time to boil, making your stove energy efficient, and saving fuel when cooking so you do not have to carry as much. It also includes a volume indicator in liters and oz., a potholder, a lid with a plastic grip, a frying pan with twisted off bottom and multilayer non-stick coating and a pot gripper all delivered in a neat mesh bag. The Esbit 2.35L Pot with Heat Exchanger is a very useful element in a camping cooking system thanks to its many impressive design features.

Key Features

  • Boil larger volumes using less energy
  • Constructed from extremely light
  • Hard-anodized aluminum
  • Includes 2.35 L pot, lid
  • Non-stick coating
  • Plastic grip
  • Pot gripper
  • Pot has a multi-layer
  • Pot holder
  • Pot with heat exhanger provides higher cooking efficiency
  • Stores in included mesh bag
  • Volume indicators in liter/oz.