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  • Sturdy 3-legged base
  • Spring loaded candle tube 
  • Stove-like heat shield
  • No combustible fuels
  • No batteries to fail and replace
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About UCO Candlelier Polished Aluminum

UCO Candlelier Polished Aluminum
The UCO Candlelier Polished Aluminum is a 3-candle lantern made by UCO. It has an incredibly beautiful polished aluminum casing and its stainless steel handle makes it easy to hang and carry. The lantern comes with a sturdy 3-legged base that helps stabilize the lantern on uneven surfaces, something that you are most likely to find when you are camping, hiking, or backpacking. The lantern comes with a unique spring loaded candle tube, keeping the flame height constant at all times. It also has a small viewing window to let you see how much of the candle has been consumed. Each candle burns for up to 9 hours and is quieter and more compact than most gas or propane lanterns. The Candlelier has a heat shield that can be used as a stove-like surface, this is very useful for boiling small amounts of water, melting snow, or keeping food warm. It does not use combustible fuels and it does not have batteries that could fail or need replacing, nor does it have mantles or bulbs to break, so there are less thing to worry about. The UCO Candlelier Polished Aluminum is a great accessory for your outdoor trips.

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