TYR Tracer Racing Mirrored Swim Goggles

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  • Tracer Technology 
  • Drag-Reducing Low Profile Lens Shape 
  • Enhanced Peripheral Vision
  • Anti-Fog Feature
  • UV Resistant Construction
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About TYR Tracer Racing Mirrored Swim Goggles

TYR Tracer Racing Metalized Swim Goggles
The TYR Tracer Racing Metalized Swim Goggles is a prize to be maintained in your swim kit. With record-breaking Tracer technology, the goggles are perfect for all athletic events like racing, training, open water use and even triathlons. The lens shape is sleek and low to combat drag and helps you stay ahead of the competition. These goggles come with enhanced peripheral vision keeping the competition in sight at all times. Plus, this has a UV-construction feature that protect you from the sun's harmful rays, making it perfect for use outdoor. They sport anti-fog features that prevent mist buildup from perspiration. The most special feature of the goggles is the metalized lens construction that is light-reflecting and glare-reducing. They are hypoallergenic so are safe from skin rashes. Its over-molded soft TPR gaskets seals these goggles to your face making them water-tight. These swim goggles come with 5 bridge sizes for your nose and a back-adjusting strap to give you the perfect fit. It come in three stylish colors to choose from so that you get the perfect one for your style. The TYR Tracer Racing Metalized Swim Goggles is an essential swimming gear for either professional or amateurs.

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TYR Tracer Racing Mirrored Swim Goggles Features

  • These goggles feature the record breaking Tracer technology, making them perfect for racing, training, open water or triathlon use
  • With a low profile lens shape that kills drag, you can easily streak ahead of the competition
  • The goggles are equipped with enhanced peripheral vision that gives you excellent all-round visibility
  • An anti-fog feature in the goggles helps you maintain clarity even during the most adrenaline-loaded swimming bouts
  • The goggles also feature UV construction that protects you from harmful rays of the sun
  • With mirrored lens construction that reduces glare and reflects light, you are not distracted by disturbing bright flashes of light
  • The hypoallergenic build of the goggles keeps away allergies and infections
  • The over-molded soft TPR gaskets give you a water-tight seal, keeping you dry even during the most challenging races
  • The goggles are available in 5 nose bridge sizes that give you a customized fit
  • A back-adjusting head strap with glide clip system makes for easy and quick sizing
  • These are available in 5 color choices that help you select the ones that best suits you
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