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TYR Tracer Edge Racing Swim Cap


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Product Highlights:

  • Tracer Technology
  • Maximum Water Repellency 
  • Drag Reduction
  • Multi-Density Panels 
  • Wrinkle-Free

TYR Tracer Edge Racing Swim Cap Features

What's in the box: TYR Tracer Edge Racing Swim Cap

TYR Tracer Edge Racing Swim Cap
The TYR Tracer Edge Racing Swim Cap should be a part of every serious swimmer's kit. With its unique TYR Tracer Technology, the swim cap is sure to help you be more hydrodynamic. It is made from a special material that provides maximum water repellence to keep your hair dry and out of your face at the toughest swim meets. The swim cap is ideal for amateurs and professional alike to compete in swimming races that need drag reduction. The multi-density panels on this racing swim cap provide you with the speed needed to make you competitive. The cap is wrinkle-free and fits properly on your head, along with elongated sides which pull and stretch just right to make it a snug fit. The cap is made from 100% silicone rubber for long-lasting life. The TYR Tracer Edge Racing Swim Cap is available in black, silver and white to dazzle the competition and make you a winner.

Key Features

  • It is built using TYR's unique Tracer technology that is engineered for you to attain top-notch performance
  • This swim cap's material keeps water out so that your hair is kept dry
  • The swim cap is engineered for drag reduction, helping you breeze ahead with ease
  • Multi-Density Panels in the cap streamline it further to give you more speed 
  • It is wrinkle-free, giving you a comfortable fit
  • The cap also features elongated sides to give you an ergonomic fit over the ears
  • A 100% silicone rubber build ensure that you are not affected by NR allergies 
  • The cap is available in Black, Silver and White colors to choose from to make your style statement