Tubbs Storm Snowshoes for Girls (pair) - Previous Season

sale Tubbs Storm Snowshoes for Girls (pair) - Previous Season

Product Highlights:

  • PVC-free
  • Western Frame Tail Design
  • QuickLock Binding
  • Recreational Crampon
  • Optimal Load: 40-90 pounds

Tubbs Storm Snowshoes for Girls (pair) - Previous Season Features

Tubbs Storm Snowshoes for Girls (pair) - New Model
The Tubbs Storm Snowshoes for Girls (pair) is definitely a must-have that your kids will find delightful and fun. With its tapered frame shape, the new QuickLock binding, exciting graphics, and PVC-free material, your kids will surely have a blast with these! Its ultra-durable 6000 series Western Frame tail design optimizes flotation and stability in powder snow conditions. Designed for flat and rolling terrain with packed snow conditions, the Fixed Toe Cord pivot system keeps the snowshoe close to the foot for maximum responsiveness. With its QuickLock binding, kids could simply and easily tighten and lock the binding in place with just one, swift push of the strap, providing them total control and stability. Its carbon steel toe and heel crampons feature front and rear braking teeth for a secure grip/traction uphill, downhill and side hill in packed snow conditions. It is recommended that the Tubbs Storm Snowshoes for Girls' (pair) weight capacity be from 40-90 pounds to ensure maximum comfort and optimization.

Key Features

  • Western Frame
  • Fixed Toe Cord
  • QuickLock Binding
  • Recreational Crampon