Tubbs Snowshoe Pack 36 in.

Tubbs Snowshoe Pack 36 in. Features

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Tubbs Snowshoe Pack
Comfort meets style with the Tubbs Snowshoe Pack. Now, you can carry your snowshoes effortlessly, all thanks to this new innovation. This excellent snowshoe pack is constructed from durable nylon canvas and mesh that make it a perfect bag to carry your snowshoes. This anatomically-designed pack snug features adjustable shoulder straps that hold the bag against the user's back for hands-free movement and hassle-free access. In addition to providing a snug and comfortable fit, this snowshoe pack also offers great protection for your snowshoes. You can even load it up with other essentials, gears, and even snacks for easy storage and transport. This pack will surely do an amazing job in holding all your items together, all while providing comfort and convenience. There is really no greater way to carry your snowshoes than to carry it with this snowshoe pack. Purchase the Tubbs Snowshoe Pack right away!

Key Features

  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Anatomically-designed pack snug
  • Nylon canvas and mesh construction