Tubbs Flex ALP 24 Snowshoe (pair)

Tubbs Flex ALP 24 Snowshoe (pair)

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  • Active Lift heel lift
  • Biomechanically designed FLEX Tail
  • ActiveFLEX binding

Tubbs Flex ALP 24 Snowshoe (pair) Features

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Tubbs Flex ALP 24 Snowshoe (pair)
If you have an undeniable thirst for extreme adventures, Tubbs Flex ALP 24 Snowshoe is the right choice for you. Designed to tackle extreme peaks and rough terrain and explore uncharted territories, it has all the right tools to keep you going. Featuring a biomechanically designed FLEX Tail, this amazing snowshoe absorbs shock from heel strike to minimize the amount of stress on your joints, allowing you to snowshoe farther and longer with reduced risk of body strain. The ActiveLift heel lift is optimized for steep, icy terrain, which enables you to take on ascents with ease. Plus, this snowshoe features the gender-specific Compact Design decks and the ActiveFLEX binding that offer a combination of comfort, lightweight control, support, and ease of use. This will let you take on extreme terrain while minimizing the risk of body strain. Offering a combination of comfort and performance, the Tubbs Flex ALP 24 Snowshoe is definitely the ideal gear for any adventure.

Key Features

  • Torsion Deck
  • Rotating Toe Cord - Rotation Limiter
  • ActiveFLEX Binding
  • Viper 2.0 Crampon
  • FLEX Tail