Tracks Walnut Knob

Tracks Walnut Knob

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Product Highlights:

  • Walnut wood
  • Nice finish
  • ¼ inch female tread
  • Reliable

Tracks Walnut Knob Features

Tracks Walnut Knob
This Tracks Walnut Knob is replaceable on all Tracks staffs and it is always important to have a replacement with you on a hiking trip in case you lose it or break it in a fall, and is very important item to protect the tread for your camera. The Tracks Knob fits also on other hiking poles. The knob is made of walnut wood, very nice finish, with a female ? inch tread to screw onto the staff to protect the male tread on the staff, the one you use to screw your camera on. This Tracks Walnut Knob replacement has a good price and is very important to have. Send one to your friends and relatives that have Track staffs, I'm sure they'll be delighted with this gift. It is a perfectly good product that will give you satisfaction.

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Key Features

  • In case you lose one
  • Brings camera up to eye level on any staff
  • Camera mount beneath walnut knob