Thule MacBook Sleeve Case

Thule MacBook Sleeve Case Features

Thule MacBook Sleeve Case
The Thule MacBook Sleeve Case is the perfect sleeve case for those who love outdoor adventures. It helps you in carrying your MacBook or MacBook Pro with ease and in utmost protection. You can always rely on the case s semi-rigid, high-density construction for bringing extra-durable security while you are on the move. This MacBook Sleeve Case from Thule also comes with a water resistant zipper and outer shell for terrific all-weather use. Thus, your device can always be safe from harsh weather elements. An elastic band is also equipped in the Thule MacBook Sleeve Case to keep your MacBook or MacBook Pro in place as you unzip the case. Have no hassles while taking a trip as the sleeve case offers a robust molded EVA foam material, making the device pristine and unharmed all the time. Have the MacBook Sleeve Case from Thule with and be ready to take your MacBook Pro outdoors securely.

Key Features

  • The durable Gauntlet MacBook Sleeve Case is suitable for both MacBook¦ and MacBook Pro¦ models
  • With its Semi-rigid, high-density construction, you can ensure the utmost protection of your device wherever you go
  • Its water resistant zipper and outer shell makes it ideal for all-weather use
  • The sleeve's elastic band maintains the laptop in place even while you are unzipping the case.
  • Thanks to its Molded EVA Foam construction for outstanding robustness, perfect while you are traveling