Tifosi Podium XC Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses

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  • High bending strength
  • Chemical, UV damage resistant
  • Rubber ear, nose pieces
  • Adjustable
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About Tifosi Podium XC Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses

Whether you're golfing or playing tennis, you need to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. Tifosi Podium XC Interchangeable Sunglasses offer three different lens options depending on level of visibility and how much sunlight you're facing. The Tifosi optics sunglasses provide full coverage when you're playing in the outdoors. These stylish sunglasses feature de-centered shatterproof polycarbonate lenses to virtually eliminate distortion, give sharp peripheral vision, and offer 100% protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays, bugs, rocks, or whatever comes your way. Lens installation/removal is fast-and-easy. This is the technology to choose if you enjoy spinning down the open road, jogging to your favorite beat, or flying through the shaded woods. Dial in your Tifosi interchangeable sunglasses with choice of Matte Black or White Green Frames. The Matte Black Frame comes with Smoke, AC Red and Clear Lenses or Smoke, GT and EC Lenses. White Green Frames with Clarion Yellow, AC Red and Clear Lenses.

Smoke Lenses when the sun is high and the sky's deep-blue, Smoke Lenses show the least amount of color distortion and are perfect for use in full sun conditions, AC Red for sunny-to-cloudy conditions, AC (All Conditions) Red lenses offer an enhanced view in cloudy or foggy weather. AC Red lenses provide contrast in mid to low lighting conditions, and Clear Lenses for low light, Clear Lenses enable the wearer to have protection at night, or other extremely low lighting conditions. Although clear, these Tifosi Optics lenses still offer 100% UVA/UVB protection. The Clarion Yellow Lenses Tifosi's new Clarion Mirror lenses feature a hydrophobic coating that repels water and sweat to help prevent moisture from gathering on the lens, increasing visibility and preventing distortion. Yellow lenses offer an extremely bright view in overcast or rainy conditions.

The GT (Golf/Tennis) Lens Tint features "object illuminations", which enhances your ability to pick up a ball in flight by providing a balance of target and background brightness. Whether you are at net or tee, the GT Tint is designed to help keep your eye on the ball. Extreme Contrast (EC) Lens is designed specifically as a greens reader; helping you spot subtle breaks on the green as you plan your next putt. Smoke Red for sunny to cloudy conditions. The Podium Sunglasses Frame is made of Grilamid TR-90, a homo-polyamide nylon characterized by an extremely high alternative bending strength, low density, and high resistance to chemical and UV damage. The Podium has hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pieces for a no-slip fit. The sunglasses weigh 09.95oz (27g). Sunglasses have adjustable ear and nose pieces for a customizable, comfortable fit. The Tifosi Podium Sunglasses fit small, medium to large Asian faces. Tifosi Sunglasses come with a storage bag and case and are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.

(877) 530-0815

Tifosi Podium XC Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses Features

  • Tifosi Podium XC Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses
  • De-Centered Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Lenses Virtually Eliminate Distortion
  • Sharp Peripheral Vision
  • 100% Protection from Harmful UVA/UVB Rays, Bugs or Rocks
  • Lens Installation/Removal is Fast-and-Easy
  • Frames: Grilamid TR-90, Homo-Polyamide Nylon
  • Extremely High Alternative Bending Strength
  • Low Density
  • High Resistance to Chemical and UV Damage
  • Hydrophilic Rubber Ear and Nose Pieces for No-Slip Fit
  • Adjustable Ear and Nose Pieces for a Customizable, Comfortable Fit
  • Lens Color/Effect:
    AC (All Condition) Red/Contrast in Mid to Low Lighting Conditions
    Smoke/Least Amount of Color Distortion, Full Sun Conditions
    Clear/Low Light Conditions
    Clarion Yellow: Mirrored, Hydrophobic Reflective Lens
    Extreme Contrast (EC)/Greens Reader
    GT (Golf/Tennis)/"Object Illuminations"
  • New Clarion Yellow Lenses:
    Repels Water & Sweat
    Help Prevent Moisture from Gathering on Lens
    Increases Visibility and Prevents Distortion
    Great On or Around Water, Rain, Snow Skiing etc.
    Extremely Bright View in Overcast or Rainy Conditions
  • Frame Colors, Lens:
    Matte Black Frame: Smoke, AC Red, Clear, GT and EC Lenses
    White Green Frame: Clarion Yellow, AC Red and Clear Lenses
  • Asian Fit: Small, Medium to Large Faces
  • Weight: 09.95oz (27g)
  • Storage Bag and Protective Case
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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