Sawyer 2 Liter Water Filtration System

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  • 2 lt. dirty water dispenser
  • 2 lt. clean storage vessel
  • Fiber membrane
  • Drink tube
  • Filter lifetime warranty
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About Sawyer 2 Liter Water Filtration System

Sawyer 2 Liter Water Filtration System
Get great results with the Sawyer 2 Liter Water Filtration System. The Sawyer water filters have a micron absolute hollow fiber membrane that uses medical technology, making this an excellent product to use to purify your water. This product includes a 2 lt. dirty water dispenser and a 2 lt. clean storage vessel for an efficient performance. This system is back by a lifetime warranty from Sawyer so you can enjoy this excellent product for years to come. This filtration system includes cleaning and maintenance instructions that give tips on how to take care of this unique product to expand its life. With this tips, you do not need any replacement filters or cartridges for a very long time! Have a great experience using the safe Sawyer 2 Liter Water Filtration System.

Sawyer 2 Liter Water Filtration System Features

  • Utilizing a hollow fiber membrane filter, the Sawyer system yields 2 liters of potable water in as little as 1.5 min.
  • Simply fill the included gray reservoir with unfiltered water
  • Attach the filter and filter hose and let gravity do the rest to fill the included blue reservoir
  • Once the blue reservoir is full, hang the reservoir from its handle and fill your water bottle, pots and pans
  • Attach the included drink tube and a bite valve of your choice (sold separately)
  • Use the reservoir as you would any hydration system
  • Filter physically removes particles, protozoa, and bacteria down to 0.1 micron in size, including giardia
  • All Sawyer water filters exceed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommendations for removal rates
  • Filter is fully field maintainable to ensure a fast flow of water
  • System includes a faucet adapter for a thorough backwash from a household faucet
  • Setup is simple and the system packs easily, weighing in at only 16 oz.
  • This Sawyer Complete water filter system comes with a Million Gallon Guarantee
  • essentially eliminating the need to ever have to replace the filter cartridge
  • System includes a 2 liter gray reservoir, 2 liter blue reservoir
  • Hollow fiber filter, faucet adapter, drink tube
  • Quick-release hose adapter and instructions for use
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