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Suunto Orca Multi-Purpose Compass Yellow


Suunto Orca Multi-Purpose Compass Yellow

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Product Highlights:

  • Fits kayaks, canoes and small boats
  • Two alternative mounting systems
  • Rubber cord with hooks
  • Permanent mounting bracket
  • Adjustable mounting location

Suunto Orca Multi-Purpose Compass Yellow Features

Suunto Orca Multi-Purpose Compass
The Suunto Orca Multi-Purpose Compass is the ideal compass for kayaks, canoes, and small boats. This compass is easy to install and detach. The versatile mounting possibilities and stylish rugged design of this compass have established a strong position among kayak and canoe enthusiasts. It features a luminous card that can be activated by flashlight and can stay bright for a long time. This small sized compass offers a wide selection of smaller-sized marine compasses for various applications ranging from small powerboats and dinghies to kayaks and canoes. The operational temperature range for these compasses is at least -30 C - +60 C (-21 F - +140 F). If you plan to go on an adventure trip with your kayak or canoe, then you must have a Suunto Orca Multi-Purpose Compass.

Key Features

  • Fits kayaks, canoes and small boats
  • Two alternative mounting systems
  • Rubber cord with hooks make it easy to mount and detach 
  • Permanent mounting bracket for surface mounting
  • Mounting location adjustable to your preference
  • Elastic elastomer housing
  • Floating
  • Self-illuminated compass card
  • Smash-pocket for compass storage as standard
  • Available in black and yellow
  • Tilting angle effective up to +/-25 °
  • Operating temperature range: -30°C to +60°C /-21°F -+140°F
  • Max. mounting degree: 25°
  • Size/Apparent card diameter: 50 mm/2"
  • Mounting pictures and product dimensions PDF
  • Surface or bracket mounting
  • Luminous card
  • Anti-magnetic screws
  • Graduation 5°
  • Front reading
  • Small-Size Compasses