Napier Sportz Black Mattress

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  • Generous 75 in. X 47 in. X 5 in. Mattress
  • Inflates anytime
  • Custom size air mattress
  • Fits in between the wheel wells
  • Built-in hand pump
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About Napier Sportz Black Mattress

Napier Sportz Black Mattress
Sleep in complete comfort even in the logs with the Napier Sportz Black Mattress. This mattress is durable and easy to maintain and has a flocked top to prevent bedding from slipping. It comes in a custom size to fit in the back of a truck or SUV, it is larger than a twin but smaller than a double mattress. The built in smart pump allows you to inflate the mattress without using an external pump. The mattress fits between the wheel wells of most pick-up beds, but provides sleeping comfort anywhere you decide to inflate it. Place your mattress on a flat area and utilize the hand pump to quickly inflate the mattress. Once your mattress is fully inflated, situate the mattress between the wheel wells of your truck inside your Sportz Truck Tent and relax. When you have the Napier Sportz Black Mattress, you will not wake up from the nightmare of spending sleepless nights!

Napier Sportz Black Mattress Features

  • Generous 75 in. x 47 in. x 5 in. mattress give you full coverage
  • The Napier Sportz air mattress inflates anytime and anywhere you need a comfortable spot to dream the night away
  • The perfect accessory for bringing complete comfort to your outdoor adventures
  • The Sportz air mattress is a custom size designed to fit in between the wheel wells of most pick-ups
  • Built-in hand pump quickly inflates the mattress without the need
  • External power or cumbersome equipment
  • The Napier air mattress features heavy-duty PVC construction for ultra durability
  • The mattress' e-coil design provides maximum comfort for your restful slumbers
  • The flocked top is more inviting than bare vinyl and keeps you from slipping andsliding through the night
  • Your Napier Sportz Air Mattress is backed by a 30 day warranty
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