Titanium Single 600 Wall Cup

Titanium Single 600 Wall Cup Features

Titanium Single 600 Wall Cup
The Titanium Single 600 Wall Cup is the perfect article for you to carry with you when you go camping, especially in snowy weather. It is built with titanium to deliver a strong product. it is extremely lightweight, making it effortless for you to carry the product around in your backpack. The material comes with corrosion-resistance, so you can warm up your freeze-dried meals, or make hot coffee or tea, without having to worry about it leaving a metallic smell or taste on your food. The cup lets you put in as much of 21 oz. of your favorite drink to take with you. It doesn't hold past smells or tastes, so your drink will always taste good and smell fresh. The Titanium Single 600 Wall Cup is an ideal choice for your next trip outdoors!

Key Features

  • Made from the best Titanium
  • These stoves are not only the lightest on your back, but also on the environment
  • There are innumerable qualities to using Titanium
  • Most of all it's strength and mire weightlessness compared to such metals as Aluminum and Steel are most important to Snow Peak.