Speedo Silicone Composite Cap

Speedo Silicone Composite Cap

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Speedo Silicone Composite Cap Features

What's in the box: Silicone Composite Cap

Speedo's Silicone Composite Cap stretches easier at top of head while still maintaining a snug lower fit The gradual reduction of thickness 0 24" to 0 16" (6mm to 4mm) from bottom to top of cap provides a comfortable fit for people with more hair Quick and easy to put on and take off while not snagging hair Cap is lightweight and durable using Speedo quality

Key Features

  • Cap Stretches Easier at Top of Head while still Maintaining a Snug Lower Fit
  • Gradual Reduction of Thickness 0.24" to 0.16" (6mm to 4mm) from Bottom to Top of Cap
  • Provides Comfortable Fit for People with More Hair
  • Quick and Easy to Put On and Take Off While Not Snagging Hair
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Fabrication: 100% Silicone Composite
  • Speedo Quality