Speedo Hydralign Racer Swim Goggles, Black

closeout Speedo Hydralign Racer Swim Goggles, Black

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Product Highlights:

  • Angled Polycarbonate Lens
  • Mid-Line Lens-Marker
  • Rigid Frame
  • Low Profile
  • Anti-Fog Treatment

Speedo Hydralign Racer Swim Goggles, Black Features

What's in the box: Pair of Speedo Hydralign Racer Swim Goggles

Speedo Hydralign Racer Swim Goggles, Black
The Speedo Hydralign Racer Swim Goggles, Black help you maintain the correct head position and body alignment as you train. It gives you a consistent line-of-sight, keeping your head in a stable, neutral position. It features angled polycarbonate lens design that promotes proper head position, helping cut start and turn times mid-line lens-marker creates a more focused line of sight by guiding the head into the optimum angle. The hydralign have expanded side view that allows you to keep an eye on the competition. These goggles are PVC and latex free and are black in color. The Speedo Hydralign Racer Swim Goggles, Black are racing goggles for competitive swimmers and triathletes.

Key Features

  • peedo Hydralign Racer Swim Goggles
  • Hydralign Racer Goggles: Provide Consistent Line-of-Sight
  • Keeping Head in Stable
  • Neutral Position
  • Angled Polycarbonate Lens Design Promotes Proper Head Position
  • Design: Helps Cut Start and Turn Times
  • Mid-Line Lens-Marker Creates a Focused Line of Sight
  • Guiding Head into Optimum Angle
  • Goggles Enhances Proper Stroke Technique
  • Reduces Drag by Encouraging a Streamlined Body Position
  • Designed for Swimmer with Serious-Need-for-Speed
  • Rigid Frame: Creates Watertight Seal
  • Low Profile: Keeps Goggles Close to Face for Less Drag
  • Increased Speed
  • Clear, Color, Anti-Fog Treatment and UV Protection
  • Provide Crisp, Clear Vision Indoors-and-Out
  • Expanded Side View: Allow You to Keep an Eye on the Competition
  • Hydralign Goggles are Racing Goggles for Competitive Swimmers and Triathletes
  • Ideal for Racing and Training
  • PVC and Latex Free

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 3 months.

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