Zodi i.hut Shower Enclosure

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  • 6 ft. diagonal and 4 ft. wide on the sides
  • Self supporting enclosure
  • Nylon coated
  • Detachable floor and elevated walls
  • Oversized zipper doors
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About Zodi i.hut Shower Enclosure

Zodi i.hut Shower Enclosure
With the Zodi i.hut shower enclosure, get the the ultimate solution for showering and changing privately when camping. This XL size shower enclosure fits people of all body types. It measures 4 ft. on the sides and almost 6 ft. across the top, providing enough space for you to shower. The oversized zipper door of the i.hut makes it easy to enter and exit the shower enclosure. The nylon coated are waterproof and durable. It features elevated walls and floor so you don't have to worry about the mud and dirt anymore. Additionally, it also allow easy clean-up of the shower enclosure. You can conveniently store soap, shampoo, and other products in its mesh pockets. It comes with a big bag that allows you to pack and carry this shower enclosure anywhere. Take the Zodi i.hut shower enclosure with optional detachable floor along with you and enjoy your camp without worrying about a private space for shower.

Zodi i.hut Shower Enclosure Features

  • This XL-sized Zodi shower enclosure is perfect for any body type, thanks to its 6 feet diagonal length and 4 feet wide sides
  • It has a self supporting enclosure that makes setting up the i hut very easy
  • Its detachable floor and elevated walls protect you from dirt and mud, and it offer easy cleaning for your convenience
  • This shower enclosure features oversized zipper doors that allow convenient entry and exit
  • The nylon-coated sides make the i.hut waterproof and durable
  • There are mesh pockets for storing soap, shampoo and other utilities
  • It comes with an oversized storage bag which can be used to carry the i.hut
  • The Zodi shower enclosure features an open roof that helps in proper ventilation of heat and odor
  • The i.hut comes with corner straps that secure the i.hut in place, whether on sand or rocky ground
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