Zodi Battery Powered Shower

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  • Self-contained battery powered shower
  • 6 volt battery operated pump
  • Waterproof battery case
  • Easy on/off switch
  • 8 ft. Flexible shower hose
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About Zodi Battery Powered Shower

Zodi Battery Powered Shower
For an enjoyable and relaxing shower outdoors, choose the Zodi Battery Powered Shower. This self-contained battery-operated shower provides water on-demand for washing, rinsing, shower, and cleaning purposes. Its pump is powered by a 6-volt battery that ensures great flow or water and a comfortable spray. It features a waterproof battery case that prevents the battery from water damage and the on/off switch allows you to easily turn on the shower. The 8 ft. flexible shower hose allows you to easily move the showerhead around your body and gives you a thorough wash. Its water conserving showerhead controls the spray of the water and prevents water wastage. It works perfect with any water container or source, so you can just place the pump in the water and turn the shower on. When you plan your next outdoor tour or camping trip, take the Zodi Battery Powered Shower with you for an on-demand shower.

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